ProductWise’s vision is to be an independent and self-sustaining enterprise delivering business systems for a circular economy.

Our purpose is to inform consumers and to raise competitive advantage for responsible manufacturers supplying the built environment.

We will direct profit towards research and industry collaboration, raising performance and quality standards and changing procurement and consumption behavior in the built environment.


  • Raise public awareness that encourages change in behavior to reduce burden on the environment.
  • Provide value propositions  that support the pursuit of better practice, disclosure and informed product selection.
  • Design systems approaches that provide incentive for higher standards  of performance.

ProductWise is about rewarding responsible behavior throughout the product life-cycle towards a circular economy.


Individuals born today may reasonably hope to live to 85 years old. What will the world look like then? With every dollar we spend today, we vote for that world.

Time is of the essence to make the changes needed to address a warming planet.

Academic pursuit and business activity must  lead in delivering new systems and processes to meet 21st century challenges. These challenges relate to the availability and distribution of resources and raw materials that we all depend on, and supporting fair competition and innovation.

All stakeholders from governments that set policy direction through to consumers creating demand have different roles to play.

To meet our vision, ProductWise creates incentives  to bring  these stakeholders  onto an open and transparent platform. These incentives include; access to markets, lowering risk and demonstrating socially responsible practice.

In this way, these stakeholders share responsibility and enjoy positive outcomes across the product life-cycle to meet higher standards and emerging demands.