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Compliance verification. Better practice.

ProductWise strives to be the safest method of building product selection, create an equitable market place and significantly reduce the cost of compliance while lessening our environmental footprint.

This technology platform is designed to reduce risk in both the built and natural environments, inform consumer choice and reward higher levels of responsible practice, at a product level.

Stakeholders throughout the product life-cycle can use the ProductWise platform to select products with confidence that they are safe, fit for purpose, and meet performance and quality standards.

We are focusing first on the construction industry to encourage compliance and prevent human tragedies, such as building fires, and structural failures.

Together with our team and some early adopters, we have developed a pilot that allows manufacturers to demonstrate how their products comply with regulations and sustainable production methods. We can then deliver that information through the supply chain to the consumer.

We link the product to the standards, testing and certifying authorities.

ProductWise lowers risk and cost, it restores trust in the building industry, and it provides confidence in product choice. This process reduces the risk of fraud or product substitution and filters out non-conforming product.